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Highlights from our Graduates:

Emmanuel has prepared me to tackle the intricate aspects of ministering behind the pulpit in the twenty-first century. Emmanuel has trained and empowered me to fill in the position of Campus Pastor in this mission organization, to preach the word and to provide spiritual care to missionaries, to graduate students doing internship, to administrative staff; and to provide Christian education to hundreds of students in our schools and beneficiaries on our programs.” — Raymond Pierre-Louis, Campus Pastor at KORE/Christianville Foundation, Haiti

“While at Emmanuel, I learned to ask better questions of ultimate concern. My peers and the faculty helped guide me through the tension of faith caused by higher academic learning and equipped me to better serve in the Kingdom of God. I am forever grateful for the lessons learned both in and outside the classroom.” — Thomas Arbaugh, Chaplain

“In the college classroom and in the pulpit, I remember with gratitude the years I spent at Emmanuel Christian Seminary. Emmanuel’s insistence both on language-learning and on engagement with powerful, uncomfortable, transforming ideas gave me a strong background that made my work in a Ph.D program in English stand out and which helps me to write sermons and Sunday school lessons that challenge our people towards faithful speech and faithful lives.” — Nathan P. Gilmour, Bivocational English Professor and Preacher

“I think the thing I have gained most from education at Emmanuel is breadth. One never knows where life or ministry will lead you nor what context you will be called upon to engage in. I have found it to be a consistent and reoccurring theme to have learned as much of Scripture and people as possible. Emmanuel can aid in this process.” — Jeffrey McNabb, Chaplain church relations

“I owe a debt to Emmanuel I can never repay! God used the people, ideas, relationships, courses, and the community of Emmanuel to give shape to my head and heart. Clarity and conviction about the church and its mission have formed in me through the deep imprint Emmanuel has made. And Emmanuel continues to feed my thinking and guide my ministry in numerous ways. I’m a huge advocate of Emmanuel because of what it’s meant for me—but also because I see it continue to have such a huge impact on so many.” — Ben Cachiaras, Senior Pastor

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